Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dear Me in 2013

Dear Me,

Just writing to remind you what your goals are for the year. I'd call them resolutions but I really do like the word ' goal ' better - it makes me feel like its something I can work towards, whereas 'resolution' feels to me like something that must be done straight away. Probably not how the dictionary defines them, but hey, its how I roll.  Anyhoodle, as in years passed, you have two goals:

The Conceptual Goal - ' to focus on being better, not on being perfect '. You know what I'm referring too - towards the end of 2012 you got a little too caught up in needing to be then' perfect ' wife, the ' perfect ' mother, doing things 'perfectly ' or not doing them at all. It got you down a little, yea? We both know perfection is unattainable, right? Right. So this year we you are going to focus on getting better at certain things, and working towards being great.... But knowing you'll never be perfect and that's just fine. So instead of crying because your house doesn't look like the cover of Real Living, focus on the fact that you've managed to fold that basket of washing, pick up the toys in the lounge room and cook a tasty dinner without neglecting either of your children.

The Physical Goal - ' to qualify for a decently sized home loan '. You already have a duplex, Mick already has a loan on a house that isn't even his in BumFuck Junction. Because of both of these mortgages and business loans the amount we could borrow for a new home isn't overly generous. But there are a few things you can do in the next 6 months that can change that - don't let your husband chicken out of them or, if he does, put on your big girls panties and take charge yourself. You know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying the goal is even to buy a house this year ( though that would be nice ) just simply to qualify for the money, and start looking.

Good luck with both of those awesome sauce!
Your fabulous self!

* I have decreed this ' Letters Week '. Every post this week will be a hypothetical letter - today to myself. Tune in then rest of the week to find out who else gets one!


  1. I prefer the word "goal" too. Good luck with yours Amy!x

  2. I definitely prefer the word goal too.

    I haven't set anything except for having a word of the year, which is patience. I need more of it, especially if I'm gonna have 2 under two before the year is out!